Specifically designed for heavy or large loads, components with complex structures, static parts cleaning or processes operating for 24 hours per day.

UNION produces an extensive range of machines capable of solving any surface cleaning problem.

The machines are capable of processing a single, large basket but this basket can also be used to house numerous, smaller baskets to permit discrete batches of smaller components to be processed simultaneously.

MUMV machines operate under vacuum throughout the whole process cycle for faster cycles and continuous vacuum distillation with automatic final stripping of residues.

Machines can use with chlorinated solvent, hydrocarbon or modified alcohol simply by selecting the appropriate solvent from the PLC.

This type of ‘hybrid’ approach leaves the customer with great flexibility of choice at any time throughout the life of the machine, enhancing the investment made.

Machines can be readily interfaced, at any time, with automatic basket loading and unloading systems designed according to the customer’s specific production througput requirements.

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