This range of machines has been recently designed to meet the needs of companies producing footwear for high fashion or specific technical or sporting applications.

The machines are used to effectively clean and dry shoe soles made from synthetic materials such as TPU or EVA.

The shoe soles are located inside specially designed stainless steel structures, and are cleaned using a high pressure, hydrokinetic washing action. Because the soles are effectively separated from each other during cleaning, it is possible to treat different models and sizes in the same washing cycle.

There are two models in the range, designed to use mixtures of demineralised water and detergents specifically designed by Union for this specialised application. The machines are completely closed circuit, with continuous filtration of the washing and rinsing baths and separation of the oily residues.

Drying takes place in a closed or vacuum circuit at lower temperatures according to the type of soles to be treated

In designing the machines, particular attention was paid to:

  • Easy handling of loading and unloading operations according to ergonomic principles.
  • Optimization of operating costs by adopting innovative heat recovery systems.
  • The use of high quality stainless steel components.

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