Our history

Since it was founded in 1976 UNION has become recognised as a market leader in dry cleaning and metal cleaning equipment technology and has become an industry bench mark by which all other manufacturers’ machines are judged.

We maintain our market-leading position because we place great emphasis on the highest quality standards throughout our manufacturing processes and we invest heavily in research and development of new products and processes.

The Union Metal Cleaning Division, founded in 2001, has a dedicated team of managers, creative designers, engineers and production staff working together as a fully integrated team to produce state of the art products. All of this is supported by an independent sales and distributor network offering Union machines around the world.

Production of the various machines in our extensive equipment range is undertaken in a number of factory units in the Bologna area, with great emphasis placed on the use of technology such as CAD/CAM, laser cutting and automated welding. All production, assembly and testing is carried out in house, which means we can be meticulous in maintaining our quality standards throughout. After sales support is also very important, and our in-house technical support and training centre is always ready to support our worldwide distributor network.

Our values

UNION is fully committed to maintaining its leading position in the market by:

  • Placing emphasis on the use of the latest technology throughout our design and manufacturing processes.
  • Ensuring the highest quality standards throughout the production phase.
  • Ensuring every component we produce is tested and certified to our exacting quality standards.
  • Using the most sophisticated facilities to ensure we provide state of the art products.
  • Focusing at all times on our responsibility to our customers.