Tunnel wash machines are designed to provide continuous washing of components in medium to high production throughput applications.

They are best suited to applications where the components to be cleaned are identical, or very similar in design, or where cleaning must be integrated into a continuous production line.

The parts are placed onto a moving conveyor either manually or using an automated loading system.

The conveyor moves items into the processing tunnel where they are subjected to wash and rinse solutions in the form of high pressure sprays.

The cleaning process is defined according to the customer’s requirements and so can range from a single wash stage for use in an inter-stage cleaning process to more complex, multi-stage systems incorporating washing, rinsing and drying phases where higher standards of cleanliness are required.

Tunnel wash conveyors most commonly operate continuously.

However, machines with indexed conveyors can also be supplied, which are particularly effective where the components to be cleaned are more complex in design. An indexed conveyor is programmed to pause at each process stage for a preset time and so can be used in conjunction with mobile, focused jets to provide cleaning, rinsing or drying to specific areas of the component.

Using this type of device can greatly increase the effectiveness of cleaning blind holes, crevices etc.

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