Rotating Table Cleaning Systems

TR Series machines are ideally suited for medium to large production quantity cleaning of complex components where a high standard of cleanliness is required. TR machines provide multi-stage cleaning using a rotating table to transport the parts through each cleaning stage in a ‘carousel’ arrangement to minimise the overall footprint of the machine.

Components are placed onto the machine’s conveyor table either manually or using an automatic loading system.

The table is indexed to present the parts to each cleaning stage in sequence, pausing at each step for the pre-programmed cleaning time.

Each machine is designed to exactly meet the client’s cleaning requirements. Because the machine uses an indexed rotating table, it can incorporate many unique features such as the use of programmed, precision jets to direct cleaning solution directly into specific areas of the component.

Similarly, mobile compressed-air jets or drying/cooling air knives can be directed at the component.

Using these direct, focused interventions means that tiny blind holes, crevices and galley ways can be accessed effectively.

The highest standards of cleaning can be achieved because each machine is designed specifically around the client’s components.

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