SM Series machines are top loading, rotating basket, spray wash machines built entirely of  stainless steel.

They can be used for washing components with simple geometry using water and biodegradable detergent. Cleaning is achieved by spraying the hot detergent solution at high pressure onto the components located in the rotating basket.

SM Series machines are simple to install and maintain.

The wash solution tank is completely separated from the washing chamber to limit the presence of steam when opening the lid.

Basket rotation is motorised for consistent speed and performance and spray bars surround the basket on three sides.

Spray nozzles can be easily removed for maintenance purposes. Machines are equipped with essential safety features for safe operation.

SM machines can be supplied with a glove box and inspection glass and operate at higher pressure for more demanding applications.

To supplement the standard specification, a range of optional extras are avaialbel including: disc-type oil separator, thermal insulation for high temperature washing, bag filtration, basket trolley, hot air drying, twin tanks for washing + rinsing cycles, and automatic opening for interface with automatic loading and unloading systems.

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