These cabinet machines with rotating basket can be used in the treatment of medium and large components.

They are inherently simple systems that are easy to use and do not require special maintenance.

Cleaning is undertaken inside a cabinet with an automated, loading door.

The machine structure houses up to three, independent tanks holding wash and rinse solutions as defined by the requirements of the cleaning process. Components to be cleaned are placed in the rotating basket and are washed and rinsed using high-pressure sprays delivering filtered solutions from the various holding tanks.

Machines are manufactured entirely from stainless steel and are PLC controlled for automated operation.

The electrical panel houses a modem to provide remote access for assistance should a problem develop.

CM machines have an impressive standard specification that can be supplemented by optional features to suit specific customer requirements such as: coalescing oil separator, high-pressure air blowing, magnetic filters, heating using gas or heat exchanger and automatic loading systems.

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